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Your challenge: delivering a cost-effective route to PCI DSS compliance.

The PCI DSS applies to all organisations worldwide that transmit, process or store payment card data. This applies to both the smallest merchant handling a few orders and the largest service provider processing millions of transactions on behalf of other businesses. With rules governing everything from data encryption to network segmentation, meeting PCI DSS requirements can be difficult to achieve and maintain. What matters to all organisations is effective, timely compliance, and maintaining this within an acceptable budget.


We can help you address all payment card requirements

We cover the entire range of payment card compliance services. Whether you are a merchant or service provider, a large entity or a small enterprise looking to achieve and maintain compliance with the PCI DSS, IT Governance can help. As an authorised QSA company, we will assess your needs, carefully explain the PCI compliance requirements relevant to you, and provide solutions that will suit your budget.


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Our PCI DSS compliance lifecycle solutions

The key to our success is not just understanding the technical requirements of the PCI DSS but an absolute commitment to understanding how your business works. Our pragmatic approach focuses on helping organisations improve payment card processes while achieving and maintaining PCI DSS compliance.


Advantages of PCI DSS compliance

Improve your security posture. The PCI DSS puts a framework in place that encourages regular review and process improvement. Compliance with the Standard can help:


  • Ensure the safety and security of your customers' payment card data, which means you won't have to worry quite as much about any potential vulnerabilities in your system.

  • Avoid the financial penalties and negative PR associated with a data breach.

  • Demonstrate that your company places a high value on security, which will encourage more customers to trust you with their payment card information.

  • Comply with other legislation, such as the General Data Protection Regulation, which now regulates the processing of personal data in the EU.

  • Provide guidance on how a merchant can protect itself not just from payment card data loss but also from other potentially undesirable data breaches.

  • Some organisations are deterred by perceived difficulties or costs associated with meeting the requirements of the Standard. With a good cyber security consultant, you can overcome these challenges without disrupting vital business operations.


Benefits of working with us


Independent accredited assurance: our team of QSA consultants have an extensive understanding of cardholder data flows, payment card systems and IT security.

Impartial and unbiased advice: our deep technical expertise delivers the insight and advice that is not available through off-the-shelf technical solutions.

Ease the burden: our experts can help build PCI compliance into everyday business processes to ensure continual compliance and ease the burden at annual QSA audits.

An integrated approach to PCI DSS compliance due to our recognised expertise in other internationally adopted standards such as ISO 27001and ISO 9001.

Relentless focus on your business: we work with our customers to assure PCI compliance while minimising business disruption, keeping costs down and ensuring that customer engagement is improved.



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