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Governance and Regulatory Compliance

Organisations face an ever-increasing list of statutory, regulatory, contractual, and legal compliance obligations.

Learn more about regulatory compliance and which regulations may affect your organisation.

Common compliance requirements

In today’s complex regulatory environment, organisations must:

The table below lists the most common regulations that organisations have to comply with, the security areas they cover, and their requirements:


Who Needs to Comply

Security Areas Covered

PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard)

Merchants that take credit cards, and service providers that facilitate card payments

Privacy of customer financial data

Varies by size of merchant, requires best practices plus third-party assessments

EU Data Protection Act and Privacy Regulations

Any organisation processing personal data of EU residents

Personal data

All major best-practice security areas

VPDSF (Victorian Protective Data Security Framework)

Victorian public-sector organisations

Information and data security

All major best-practice security areas

Australian Privacy Act 1988

Australian organisations

Personal data

All major best-practice areas

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