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Your challenge: Make it even harder for cyber criminals to succeed.

Most organisations are the target of random, indiscriminate attacks, and they need an appropriate level of penetration testing to ensure their defences are adequate. Instead of automatically generated reports from tools that offer generic remediation tips, you need advice from experts who can rank and rate the vulnerabilities so that you can plan remediation in accordance with the risk and your budget.


Our penetration testing solutions

Our experienced CREST-accredited consultants assess your data security by applying robust methodologies. Our threat-based approach delivers a realistic appraisal of the current state of your security and the risks attackers pose to your business. We will provide a detailed breakdown of all your results in an easily interpreted format based on the damage potential, reproducibility, exploitability, number of affected users and discoverability of each finding. Detailed output means you can replicate the issue, and specific remediation advice will leave you in no doubt of how to fix the issue.


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Delivered exactly as you need it

Information security firms that peddle a no-holds-barred approach to testing and go after everything waste precious time and money. At IT Governance, we offer two levels of penetration test to meet your budget and technical requirements.


Level 1 Penetration Test

Level 2 Penetration Test

  In most cases, we recommend a level 1 penetration test, which is a faster and more cost-effective solution at a fixed price, and will identify exploitable vulnerabilities and remediation solutions. A more complete and painstaking test that aims to identify methods a criminal hacker could use to gain control of your system, enabling attacks deeper into your network.
Objective Agreed at outset Agreed at outset
Fixed-price package available Yes No
Emulates a real-world attack No Yes
Scoping Available Yes
Skill level required High Advanced
Vulnerability scanning Yes Yes
Can be performed on premise Yes Yes
Can be performed remotely Yes Yes
Exploitation of vulnerabilities No Yes
Detailed report Yes Yes
Manual grading of responsibilities Yes Yes
Facilitates compliance with ISO 27001/the PCI DSS Yes Yes
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Advantages of completing a penetration test

Creating a realistic appraisal of the current state of your security and compliance posture requires expertise that goes beyond basic vulnerability scans and simple alerts. Penetration tests can help:

  • Accurately evaluate your organisation’s ability to protect its networks, applications, endpoints and users from determined attackers.

  • Communicate and prove the need for a security budget with business managers and non-tech folk.

  • Get detailed information on actual, exploitable security threats to identify which vulnerabilities are more critical, which are less significant and which are false positives.

  • Protect your company’s profits and reputation by avoiding the financial costs and negative publicity associated with a compromise of your systems.

  • More intelligently prioritise remediation, apply necessary security patches and allocate security resources more effectively to ensure they are available when and where they are needed most.

  • Address the general auditing aspects of regulations – such as the NYDFS Cybersecurity requirements, PCI DSS, ISO 27001 and the GDPR – and avoid significant fines for non-compliance.


Benefits of working with us

  • The flexibility to choose the level of penetration test to meet your budget and technical requirements.

  • Penetration testing services accredited to exacting criteria set by CREST provide you with the technical assurance you need from an information security partner.

  • Whether testing your applications, networks, employees or your team, you'll be armed with new ways to strengthen your organisation against cyber threats.

  • Our consultants can produce a structured framework to achieve all of your compliance requirements, ensuring effective use of in-house resources and expenditure control.

  • We’ll communicate any issues or remediation recommendations in a clear and jargon-free way so that they can be understood by your engineering and senior management teams alike.

  • Based on the test results, we will discuss the findings with all relevant audiences and provide a customised course of action for both leadership and technical audiences.


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