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Management of Value (MoV®)

Management of Value (MoV) is a value management methodology that can be utilised to get the best financial and non-financial benefits from programmes, projects and portfolios.

Within portfolios, MoV matches the organisation’s strategic goals with the agenda for the programmes. These programmes in turn deliver these goals through their underlying projects. Learn more about the methodology, the MoV qualifications and books by reading further down this page.


On this page:

MoV® is directly compatible with the Cabinet Office's other core guidance in PRINCE2®, MSP®, M_o_R®, MoP®, and P3O®.

MoV is the first cross-sector and universally-applicable guidance on how to maximise value in a way that takes account of:

  • an organisation's priorities
  • differing stakeholder needs
  • the use of resources as efficiently and effectively as possible.

MoV Qualifications

The APM Group, the Official Accreditor for the MoV exams, offers a Foundation-level qualification in MoV, the syllabus for which is based on the core guidance in the MoV manual.

The MoV Practitioner qualification is the highest level of MoV qualification currently available. It is aimed at experienced project and programme managers with or without experience of implementing the Cabinet Office's other PPM methodologies. Gaining the qualification demonstrates an individual's expertise in the field in value management, specifically within portfolios, programmes and projects. In order to gain the qualification, you must have first passed the MoV Foundation exam.

If you are interested in studying MoV at either Foundation or Practitioner level by taking a training course, email us and we can help you to arrange a course that will meet your needs.

MoV Books

Besides the core guidance provided in the MoV manual and the introduction, there are plans to release a pocketbook to support the methodology. This will be available from the IT Governance webshop in due course.

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