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The ISO27001 Implementation Learning Pathway

IT Governance is responsible for world’s first certificated programme of ISO27001 education. The ISO27001 learning pathway provides training courses from Foundation through to Advanced level and offers opportunities to attain industry-standard qualifications awarded by IBITGQ. All courses now include a unique knowledge update for the ISO27001:2013 standard.


Our ISO27001 learning pathway will equip you with the knowledge and skills required to plan, implement and maintain a best practice  information security management system (ISMS) in your organisation.

The ISO27001 Implementation Learning Pathway



Information Security
ISO27001 Certified ISMS Lead Implementer Masterclass ISO 27005 Certified ISMS Risk Management
ISO27001 Certified ISMS Internal Auditor Training Course ISO27001 Certified ISMS Lead Auditor Training Course

ISO27001 Certified ISMS Foundation Training Course Information Security Foundation based on ISO/IEC 27002
DPA Foundation Course


The ISO27001 Implementation Learning Pathway consists of the following courses:

Foundation Level – introductory training to raise awareness, build knowledge and develop understanding.

  • ISO27001 Certified ISMS Foundation course
    The starting point for all prospective project managers and members of any ISO27001 implementation project group. This course provides a complete introduction to the ISO27001 standard and an overview of the key implementation activities.
  • Information Security Foundation based on ISO27002 course
    This course is designed to meet the information security awareness requirements for all staff, as outlined by the best practice advice outlined in ISO27002.

Advanced Level – in-depth knowledge and skills required to implement and deliver information security management to an organisation.

All ISO27001 Training Courses Now Updated with 2013 Knowledge

Our current ISO27001 training programme is based on the requirements as specified by the ISO27001:2005 standard. In September 2013, ISO27001:2005 was replaced by the ISO 27001:2013 standard and we have upgraded all courses to include a unique ‘ISO27001:2013 knowledge update'.

While there is a new version of the standard, there is as yet currently no accredited certification scheme available anywhere in the world. In the UK, we estimate that the earliest any UKAS accredited Certification Body will have such a scheme available would be March-April 2014. The existing ISO27001:2005 certification schemes are still currently the only available way of obtaining the ISO27001 standard. We are advising all organisations who wish to become certificated in the next 6-12 months to focus on satisfying the requirements of the ISO27001:2005 standard and to train their staff appropriately.

Preparing for the Future with ISO27001:2013

For organisations that are already compliant with ISO27001 and individuals who will advise on the implementation and auditing in the future, it is of course essential to have a detailed knowledge of the new requirements as defined in the ISO27001:2013 standard. For a more detailed understanding and update of the ISO27001:2013 implementation and audit processes, we recommend attendance on our new ISO27001 2013 Certified ISMS Transition training course. This 1 day session has also been designed for existing holders of Certified ISMS Lead Implementer (CIS LI) and/or Certified ISMS Lead Auditor (CIS LA) qualifications who will be awarded upgraded 2013 IBITGQ certificates.

Why choose IT Governance for your ISO27001 implementation training needs?

  • Acknowledged leader in ISO27001 and Information Security Management
  • The first certificated training programme of ISO27001 education
  • Practical hands-on approach delivered by experienced implementation consultants
  • Focused on improving knowledge, developing skills and awarding certification
  • Guaranteed booking - we will never cancel your IT Governance course

Gain industry-recognised training certification

Delegates attending and passing the examinations associated with the following ISO27001 courses will be awarded certificates from the examination body, gasq and approved by the International Board for IT Governance Qualifications (IBITGQ).

  • ISO27001 Certified ISMS Foundation (CIS F)
  • ISO27001 Certified ISMS Lead Implementer (CIS LI)
  • ISO27001 Certified ISMS Lead Auditor (CIS LA)
  • ISO27005 Certified ISMS Risk Management (CIS RM)

Find out more about ISO27001 training and book your course online or contact our sales team on 00 800 48 484 484 to discuss your requirements.



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