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The Benefits of ISO 22301

The benefits of a business continuity management system

Whilst your organisation may already have business continuity plans (BCPs) in place, often these go untested and can quickly become outdated.

A BCMS aligned with the international standard, ISO 22301, will ensure your BCPs remain up to date and become part of your organisation’s culture. It will help you to effectively and continually mitigate BCM risks and adopt an integrated approach to managing business continuity.

How an ISO 22301-compliant BCMS benefits you

Implement comprehensive and tailored BCPs

A BCMS enables organisations to assess the potential impacts of an operational disruption, to deploy effective BCPs and minimise the overall impact to the organisation.

Develop robust response and recovery procedures

ISO 22301 provides a robust framework for developing effective incident response and recovery procedures to ensure your organisation can recover quickly in the event of a disruption.

Protect assets, turnover and profits

Effective BCM will ensure continuity of critical services to protect the business’s income stream, assets, and reduce the risk of further losses due to an incident or disaster.

Meet legal and regulatory requirements

Using ISO 22301 as a framework for your BCMS will provide evidence that the organisation has taken the necessary steps to comply with certain regulatory requirements and director’s duties.

Monitor and test your BCP to ensure you are prepared

A BCMS enables organisations to test, update, control and deploy effective BCPs, taking into account organisational contingencies and capabilities as well as the business needs.

Reduce the cost of business interruption insurance

By implementing an ISO 22301 aligned BCMS, your organisation has better insights into the real impact of a potential disaster, which enables better evaluation of the type and value of insurance cover required.

Increase competitive advantage and corporate reputation

An effective BCMS will improve customer confidence in the organisation’s ability to respond to a series of incidents and events and maintain critical business operations should disaster strike.

Improve processes and organisational focus

Implementing a BCMS involves evaluating organisational processes to identify potential inefficiencies that can be improved, and helps your organisation focus on its objectives and direction.

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