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Web Application Security: A Beginner's Guide

Web Application Security - A Beginner's Guide

SKU: 3786
Authors: Bryan Sullivan and Vincent Liu
Publishers: McGraw-Hill Professional
Format: Softcover
ISBN13: 9780071776165
ISBN10: 0071776168
Pages: 352
Published: 02 Jan 2012
Availability: In Stock
A beginner's guide to securing secure Web applications.
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A guide to securing Web applications for beginner's - buy today!

This book for beginner's shows you how to secure Web applications from the threats posed by hackers and a multitude of forms of malicious attack. Web Application Security: A Beginner's Guide will help you to equip yourself with a security toolkit that will help you your Web applications are safe and secure.

This practical resource includes chapters on authentication, authorisation, and session management, along with browser, database, and file security - all supported by true stories from industry illustrating the key points in a practical manner.

You'll also get best practices for vulnerability detection and secure development, as well as a chapter that covers essential security fundamentals. This book's templates, checklists, and examples are designed to help you get started right away - giving you a head start over other beginner's.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • A guide for beginner's to Web application security, helping you to ensure your Web applications stay safe and secure.
  • Common security terms defined so that you're in the know on the job, helping you to understand technical aspects of Web application security.
  • The book provides tips for getting security technologies and processes into your organisation's budget, helping you to build a business case.
  • Tips on how, why, and when to apply new skills and techniques at work. With this information you'll understand clearly how the new skills learnt in this can be applied and where.

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