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Professional Issues in Information Technology

Professional Issues in Information Technology

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Authors: Frank Bott, British Computer Society
Publishers: British Computer Society (BCS)
Format: Softcover
ISBN13: 9781902505657
ISBN10: 1902505654
Pages: 264
Published: 20 May 2005
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An insight into the relationships between technological change, society, law and the powerful role that computers and computer professionals play in a technological society.
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IT professionals not only need appropriate technical knowledge, skills and experience, but also require a broad understanding of the context in which they operate. A solid grounding in the relationship between technological change, society and the law, and the powerful role that computers and IT professionals play in a technological society, is essential. Professional Issues in Information Technology aids professional IT practitioners to demonstrate their capability in their chosen professional areas, to operate effectively in work and community situations, and to be aware of their environments.

Professional Issues in Information Technology addresses social, legal, financial, organisational and ethical issues in the IT industry. Topics covered include:

  • professionalism and professional bodies, their codes of conduct and continuing professional development (CPD);
  • intellectual property law, particularly as it relates to software;
  • legal and ethical issues relating to the misuse of computers and the Internet;
  • data protection, freedom of information, and privacy;
  • anti-discrimination law and employment law in the context of the IT industry;
  • basic financial and management accounting; and
  • types of organisational structure and their legal status.

Professional Issues in Information Technology is the only textbook tailored specifically to match the syllabus of the BCS Professional Examination Diploma compulsory module ‘Professional Issues in Information Systems Practice’ in its entirety, and has been written by a member of the BCS Professional Examinations Board.

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1. Law and government
2. The nature of a profession
3. Professional bodies in computing
4. What is an organization?
5. Financing a start-up company
6. Financial accounting
7. Management accounting
8. Investment appraisal
9. Structure and management of organization
10. Human resources issues
11. Anti-discrimination legislation
12. Software contracts and liability
13. Intellectual property rights
14. Data protection, privacy and freedom of information
15. Internet issues
16. Computer misuse

Appendix A: The BCS Code of Conduct
Appendix B: A sample agreement
Appendix C: Sample terms and conditions for a fixed price contract
Appendix D: Sample contract of employment
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About the Author

Frank Bott has lectured at the University of Missouri and was the Head of the University of Wales' Computer Science Department. He now lectures there part-time, and is an active member of The British Computer Society.

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