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ITIL and Organizational Change

ITIL and Organizational Change

SKU: 4174
Authors: Pamela Erskine
Publishers: IT Governance Publishing
Format: Adobe eBook
ISBN13: 9781849284233
Pages: 129
Published: 26 Feb 2013
Availability: Always Available
Format: Adobe ePub
ISBN13: 9781849284240
Pages: 129
Published: 26 Feb 2013
Availability: Always Available
  • Explains how to revolutionize your business with the ITIL® framework, giving readers essential advice on how to successfully manage the process.
  • Reveals why many organizations fail to realize the full benefits of ITIL, meaning that readers can avoid these pitfalls and help their IT function prosper.
  • Buy this book and learn to implement change effectively and improve your business efficiency.

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"Erskine does a wonderful job of explaining the human aspects of change but where the book really shines is in Chapter 6. The Planning discussion is right on target for the intended audience. The book is an excellent preparation guide for companies or consultants embarking on an ITIL journey. The theory is explained at a level that allows the reader to understand the change models while not overwhelming them or requiring expert level knowledge."
Rocky Middleton, Senior Manager of Service Delivery, AGSI

Managing ITIL adoption

Organizational change is difficult to manage and takes time to implement. How it is managed has a direct impact on its success. The adoption of ITIL can be particularly challenging, especially for organizations where it represents a radical change. So, how do you ensure that the process goes smoothly and offers a return on your investment?

Identify the obstacles

In ITIL® and Organizational Change, Pamela Erskine analyzes some of the reasons why organizations fail to realize the benefits of ITIL and offers practical ways to avoid these pitfalls. She examines ways to clear the many hurdles that can obstruct progress and investigates how to improve acceptance of change in the workplace. Drawing on her many years of experience, Pamela discusses five different models of organizational change and explains how to select the most suitable approach for your project and your organization. Real-life examples bring the theories to life.


  1. How was Organizational Change Addressed during the Project?
  2. Organizational Change
  3. Organizational Change Models
  4. Selecting a Change Model
  5. Accountability
  6. Planning
  7. Important roles
  8. Realizing the Benefits after the Fact
  9. Additional Guidance

About the Author

Pamela Erskine has over 15 years’ leadership experience in IT and service transformation, with responsibility for providing best practices, thought leadership and guidance relating to the ITIL framework. She has led a number of IT transformation initiatives with measurable results in customer satisfaction, efficiency and effectiveness. In addition to operational responsibility, Pam has consulted for Fortune 50 companies on IT strategy, IT service management and organisational change initiatives. She is an ITIL expert, ITIL service manager, Six Sigma certified and a certified help desk director.

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Buy this book and learn to implement change effectively and improve your business efficiency.

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