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ISO27001 Basics Package

ISO27001 Basics Package

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Published: 01 Jan 0001
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  • An affordable DIY package to help you achieve ISO 27001 compliance faster featuring:
    • Two best-selling implementation guides; and
    • Copies of the three essential standards in the ISO 27001 family of standards.
Price: $495.00


A special bundle of best-selling books and the three essential ISO 27000 standards to simplify your ISMS project deliverables and achieve ISO 27001 certification faster.


What is included:

Three must-have standards:



Why choose the ISO 27001 Basics Package?

  • Minimise the time and effort required to implement an ISMS with detailed advice from ISO 27001 experts.
  • Use the standards bundle to clarify the requirements, the best practice guidance, and the terminology of ISO 27001.

This package has been designed to work best for organisations with:

  • Some management system expertise (e.g. ISO 9001 or ISO 20000);
  • An initial understanding of information security management;
  • The necessary available internal resources to execute the project deliverables; and
  • A do-it-yourself approach to project management.

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