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ISO20000-4 (ISO 20000-4) Process Reference Model (Single-User Download)

ISO20000-4 (ISO 20000-4) Process Reference Model

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Published: 25 Nov 2010
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Published: 25 Nov 2010
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Information Technology – Service management – Part 4: Process reference model.

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Part of the broader ISO20000 Standard, ISO20000-4 aims to facilitate the development of a process assessment model (PAM) according to the process assessment principles laid out in ISO15504 (wherein ISO15504-1 describes the concepts and terminology used for process assessment and ISO15504-2 describes the requirements for the conduct of an assessment and a measurement scale for assessing process capability).

ISO20000-4 specifies a process reference model (PRM) which describes each process in ISO20000-1, including the general service management system process, in terms of its purpose and outcomes. The process purposes and outcomes described in this Standard are the minimum necessary to meet the requirements of ISO20000-1. Some processes address general strategic aspects of an organisation, and have been identified in order to give coverage to all the requirements of ISO20000-1.

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