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Everything you want to know about Business Continuity

Everything you want to know about Business Continuity

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Authors: Tony Drewitt
Publishers: IT Governance Publishing
Format: Adobe eBook
ISBN13: 9781849282017
Pages: 260
Published: 15 Mar 2012
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ISBN13: 9781849282024
Pages: 262
Published: 15 Mar 2012
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Published: 15 Mar 2012
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  • Learn how to carry out realistic risk identification and assessment to make your organization more robust in the face of disaster.
  • Explains how to put in place a cost-effective, "fit-for-purpose" business continuity plan that readers can rely on when the need arises.
  • Buy this book and find out how you can return to "business as usual" as quickly as possible after an unforeseen incident.

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Prepare for the worst and plan for recovery

Everything you want to know about Business Continuity guides you through a range of standards relating to business continuity management (BCM) and disaster recovery, with particular reference to ISO 22301. It shows you how to develop a modern response to the operational risk landscape and how to prepare your organization for interruptions to your key activities, minimizing the impact on your bottom line, reputation, and credibility.

Product overview

Aside from having a recovery plan in place, there are other advantages to developing an effective BCM strategy. When things go wrong, senior managers are expected to be able to account for the decisions that they took, or didn’t take, when times were better. Business continuity plans and arrangements developed on best-practice lines are far more likely to protect directors in the face of any post-incident inquiry. Any company can say that it has a business continuity plan, but those that can demonstrate resilience based on best-practice principles will surely have the edge over those that cannot.


  1. The Operational Risk Landscape for Business and Other Organisations
  2. What Does BCM Actually Achieve?
  3. An Incredibly Short History: Early DR to 2011 BCM
  4. The Role of Standards and Independent Validation
  5. The Management System Approach versus a Simple BC Plan
  6. Planning the BCMS
  7. Identifying the Organisation’s Requirements
  8. Strategy and Options
  9. Incident and Crisis Response
  10. The Assurance Process
  11. BCM as a Competitiveness/Assurance Tool
  12. Tools and Software
  13. The New World of Sustainability
  14. How to Do It

About the Author

Tony Drewitt has specialized in operational risk management and business continuity management since 2001, working with small, medium-sized, and large organisations to help them develop their BCM policies, strategies, and plans. Tony was one of the first practitioners to achieve certification under BS 25999 (and is currently working with several organizations to develop management systems in line with ISO 22301). He has written several books on business continuity, including ISO 22301: A Pocket Guide and A Manager’s Guide to ISO22301, all published by ITGP.


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