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Availability and Capacity Management in the Cloud: A ITSM Narrative Account

Availability and Capacity Management in the Cloud

SKU: 4423
Authors: Daniel McLean
Publishers: IT Governance Publishing
Format: Adobe eBook
ISBN13: 9781849285513
Pages: 160
Published: 20 Mar 2014
Format: ePub
ISBN13: 9781849285520
Pages: 130
Published: 20 Mar 2014
Availability: Now available
  • Buy to follow the engaging story of fictional ITSM professional Chris as he sets out to implement Cloud services, ideal for those about to start a similar project
  • Follow Chris as he meets the challenges of his project: learn from his successes, avoid his mistakes
  • Chapter summaries give further advice on dealing with the realities of implementing Cloud services

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Lessons from real Cloud implementations in a narrative format

In Availability and Capacity Management in the Cloud: An ITSM narrative, Daniel McLean’s fictional IT service management practitioner, Chris, faces the challenge of integrating cloud services into an ITSM structure.

Learn from Chris’s successes, avoid his mistakes

Based on the real-life experience of the author and other ITSM practitioners, the book reveals the combination of business, financial, and technical expertise required for such a project and exposes potential pitfalls. Through Chris’s experiences, the book explains how to handle many of the issues that arise. Such issues include the common tendency to confusing availability with capacity and the flawed assumption that using the Cloud can solve all an organization’s service problems without further intervention.


  1. All Together Now
  2. One Big Happy Family
  3. Who Wants to Support this Service?
  4. The Abandoned Service
  5. Don't Confuse me with the Details
  6. Voices in the Night
  7. When Capacity isn't Enough
  8. Coffee Talk
  9. Just Sit There and Take It
  10. Once More Unto the Breach, My Friend?
  11. Reprimand by Remote Control
  12. Success Feels Good
  13. No Plan Survives Contact with Reality
  14. Things are Rarely what they Seem

Buy this book today and learn how to integrate Cloud services into an ITSM structure.

About the Author

Daniel McLean is an ITIL® consultant with over 20 years' experience in IT. He has spent the last 10 years designing, implementing, and operating processes supporting ITSM. He was also a peer reviewer during development of the OGC ITIL v3 Service Strategy Best Practice.

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