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A Manager's Guide to IT Law, Second Edition

A Manager's Guide to IT Law, Second Edition

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Authors: Jeremy Holt and Jeremy Newton
Publishers: BCS
Format: Softcover
ISBN13: 9781906124755
ISBN10: 1906124752
Pages: 256
Published: 22 Aug 2011
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A practical reference guide to English computer law for non-legal managers

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Legal concepts and terminology are notoriously difficult for the non-specialist to understand in the rapidly changing specialist field of computer law. Businesses face a legal minefield when it comes to information technology, with legislation covering such diverse issues as data protection, IT procurement contracts, outsourcing, escrow and joint ventures.

Avoid potential legal pitfalls with this BCS reference guide.

A Manager’s Guide to IT Law is a comprehensive reference guide for managers, IT professionals, legal practitioners and students, which explains the most relevant legal frameworks in plain English. It features examples from actual case law to describe the IT-related legal issues faced by businesses on a daily basis, as well as a comprehensive glossary, definitions of abbreviations, and a list of helpful websites.

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  1. IT contracts – Jeremy Holt
  2. Systems procurement contracts – Jeremy Newton
  3. Avoiding employment problems – Jeremy Holt
  4. Intellectual property law for computer users – Jennifer Pierce
  5. Source code Escrow – Jon Leigh and Graham Wood
  6. Outsourcing – Jeremy Newton
  7. Data protection – Andrew Katz
  8. Doing Business Online – Jeremy Newton
  9. Setting up joint ventures – Andrew Katz
  10. Cloud computing – Stuart Smith
  11. Open source software – Andrew Katz
  12. WEEE regulations – Andy Lucas
  13. Freedom of Information – Victoria Hordern
  14. Resolving disputes – Sara Ellacott

About the editors

Jeremy Holt is the Head of the Computer Law Group of Clark Holt Commercial Solicitors

Jeremy Newton is a Director at Technology Law Alliance in London, a law firm specialising in IT, outsourcing and e-commerce law.

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