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21st Century Chinese Cyberwarfare

21st Century Chinese Cyberwarfare

SKU: 3697
Authors: Lieutenant Colonel Hagestad
Publishers: IT Governance Publishing
Format: Adobe eBook
ISBN13: 9781849283359
Pages: 349
Published: 15 Mar 2012
Availability: Always Available
Format: Adobe ePub
ISBN13: 9781849283663
Pages: 349
Published: 15 Mar 2012
Availability: Always Available
  • The first book to expose the extent of Chinese cyberwarfare, giving readers an understanding of how it might affect them or their organization.
  • Covers the motivation of cyberwarfare, helping organizations to understand the nature of the threats they face.
  • Buy this book and learn the strategies used by China in the global cyberwar.

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Understand China's cyberwarfare

21st Century Chinese Cyberwarfare presents the salient information regarding the use of cyberwarfare doctrine by the People's Republic of China to promote its own interests and enforce its will on other nations. It draws from a combination of business, cultural, historical, and linguistic sources, as well as the author's personal experience, to attempt to explain China to the uninitiated. The author argues that the threat of Chinese cyberwarfare can no longer be ignored, that it is a clear and present danger to organizations of all shapes and sizes, and that it will be economically, societally and culturally damaging for the nations that are targeted.

Product overview

Those that will benefit from the book include: law enforcement agencies, international information security professionals, IT professionals, military professionals, government policy makers and corporate managers. In particular, the book discusses:

  • statistics of the Chinese cyber threat.
  • Chinese government cyber initiatives.
  • understanding the key motivators for government-sponsored cyberwarfare.
  • commercial enterprises as a cyber threat vector.
  • nationalistic threats of Chinese hackers.


1. The Chinese Cyberthreat

2. Evolution of Chinese Cyberwarfare

3. Chinese Unrestricted Warfare

4. Principles of Warfare – West versus East

5. Nature of Information Warfare

6. Chinese Cyberwarfare Doctrines

7. China's SIGINT Capabilities

8. Chinese IW Capabilities

9. The Chinese IW Organizational Structure

10. Chinese Commercial Enterprises

11. Commercial Objectives of Chinese Cyberattacks

12. Chinese Civilian Hackers

13. The Chinese Cyberthreat: Conclusions

Appendix A: China & the Internet – A history

Appendix B: Chinese Cyberactivism in the Spotlight

Appendix C: China's Informization Campaign

Appendix D: General Wang Pufeng's Challenge of Information Warfare

Appendix E: Chinese Hacker Website Resources

Appendix F: Huawei's Statement on Establishing a Global Cybersecurity Assurance System

About the author

Lieutenant Colonel William Hagestad is recognized internationally as an expert on the Chinese People's Liberation Army and government information warfare. He advises international intelligence organizations, military flag officers, and multi-national commercial enterprises on their internal IT security governance and external security policies. He currently speaks both domestically and internationally on the Chinese cyber threat.

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