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COBIT 5 for Assurance

COBIT® 5 for Assurance

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Publishers: ISACA
Format: Softcover
ISBN13: 9781604203394
ISBN10: 1604203390
Pages: 308
Published: 10 Jun 2013
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A guide to IT assurance according with the COBIT® 5 framework.
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Optimise your IT assurance approach with COBIT® 5

Created with today’s increasingly complex business and technology landscape in mind, COBIT® 5 for Assurance can be used for many different purposes, including:

  • Obtaining a view on current good practices on assurance-based COBIT 5 concepts such as enablers.
  • Learning how to use different COBIT 5 components and related concepts for planning, scoping, executing and reporting on various types of IT assurance initiatives.
  • Learning the extent to which delivering benefits is achieved while optimising risk and resource use.

COBIT® 5 for Assurance lets assurance professionals use COBIT® 5 when planning and performing assurance reviews. This will unify an organisation’s business, IT and assurance professionals around a common framework, making it easier to reach consensus on any needed control improvements.

COBIT® 5 for Assurance provides a roadmap built from accepted assurance approaches which will enable assurance professionals to plan, scope and execute IT assurance initiatives, navigate increasingly complex technology, and demonstrate strategic value to IT and business stakeholders.

COBIT® 5 for Assurance brings the unmatched rigour and scope of COBIT® 5 to the audit function, enabling the audit team to improve their current approaches significantly, and ensure they are addressing all aspects of IT assurance.

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List of Figures

Executive Summary
1. Introduction and Objectives
2. Drivers for Assurance
3. Benefits of the Publication
4. Target Audience for the Publication
5. Document Overview and Guidance on Its Use
6. Prerequisite Knowledge

Section 1. Assurance
Chapter 1. Assurance Defined
1.1 Three-party Relationship
1.2 Subject Matter
1.3 Suitable Criteria
1.4 Execution
1.5 Conclusion
1.6 The Assurance Process
Chapter 2. Scope of the Publication
2.1 Perspectives on Assurance
2.2 Related Publications and Scope of the Publication
Chapter 3. Principles of Providing Assurance
3.1 Meeting Stakeholder Needs
3.2 Covering the Enterprise End-to-end
3.3 Applying a Single Integrated Framework
3.4 Enabling a Holistic Approach
3.5 Separating Governance From Management

Section 2A. Assurance Function Perspective: Using COBIT 5 Enablers for Governing and Managing an Assurance Function
Chapter 1. Introduction to Enablers
1.1 Introduction
1.2 Dimensions of the Generic Enabler Model
1.3 The Publication and Enablers
Chapter 2. Enabler: Principles, Policies and Frameworks
2.1 The Principles, Policies and Frameworks Model
2.2 Assurance Function Perspective: Assurance-related Principles, Policies and Frameworks
2.3 ISACA Code of Professional Ethics
Chapter 3. Enabler: Processes
3.1 The Process Model
3.2 Assurance Function Perspective: Processes Supporting the Assurance Function
Chapter 4. Enabler: Organisational Structures
4.1 The Organisational Structures Model
4.2 Assurance Function Perspective: Assurance-related Organisational Structures
Chapter 5. Enabler: Culture, Ethics and Behaviour
5.1 The Culture, Ethics and Behaviour Model
5.2 Assurance Function Perspective: Assurance-related Culture, Ethics and Behaviour
Chapter 6. Enabler: Information
6.1 The Information Model
6.2 Assurance Function Perspective: Assurance-related Information Entities for Assurance
Chapter 7. Enabler: Services, Infrastructure and Applications
7.1 The Services, Infrastructure and Applications Model
7.2 Assurance Function Perspective: Assurance-related Services, Infrastructure and Applications
Chapter 8. Enabler: People, Skills and Competencies
8.1 The People, Skills and Competencies Model
8.2 Assurance Function Perspective: Assurance-related Skills and Competencies

Section 2B. Assessment Perspective: Providing Assurance Over a Subject Matter
Chapter 1. Core Assurance Processes
Chapter 2. Introduction and Overview of the Assessment Approach
2.1 Assurance and Enabler Performance Management
2.2 Assurance Engagement Approach Based on COBIT 5
2.3 Generic Audit/Assurance Programme
Chapter 3. Determine Scope of the Assurance Initiative (Phase A)
3.1 Workflow
3.2 Example Scope
3.3 Useful COBIT 5 Constructs for Scope Development
3.4 Assurance Assignment Scoping Summary
Chapter 4. Understand the Enablers, Set Suitable Assessment Criteria and Perform the Assessment (Phase B)
4.1 Introduction
4.2 Achievement of Goals
4.3 Enabler: Principles, Policies and Frameworks
4.4 Enabler: Processes
4.5 Enabler: Organisational Structures
4.6 Enabler: Culture, Ethics and Behaviour
4.7 Enabler: Information
4.8 Enabler: Services, Infrastructure and Applications
4.9 Enabler: People, Skills and Competencies
Chapter 5. Generic Approach for Communicating on an Assurance Initiative (Phase C)

Section 3. How This Publication Relates to Other Standards
Chapter 1. ITAF, 2nd Edition
Chapter 2. International Professional Practices Framework (IPPF) for Internal Auditing Standards 2013
Chapter 3. Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements No. 16 (SSAE 16)

Appendix A. Glossary
Appendix B. Detailed Enablers for Assurance Governance and Management
B.1 Principles, Policies and Frameworks
B.2 Processes
B.3 Organisational Structures
B.4 Culture, Ethics and Behaviour
B.5 Information
B.6 Services, Infrastructure and Applications
B.7 People, Skills and Competencies
Appendix C. Core Assurance Processes
C.1 Core Assurance Processes
Appendix D. Example Audit/Assurance Programmes
D.1 COBIT 5-based Audit/Assurance Programme: Change Management
D.2 COBIT 5-based Audit/Assurance Programme: Risk Management
D.3 COBIT 5-based Audit/Assurance Programme: Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

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