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Social media consultancy Carve Consulting LLP gets certified to ISO 27001 with online assistance

Find out how Carve Consulting, an award-winning digital consultancy, successfully achieved ISO 27001 certification with the ‘ISO 27001 Get A Lot Of Help’ consultancy package and made significant savings on traditional consultancy fees;

“We chose the ‘Get A Lot Of Help’ package because we were keen to take the knowledge in-house. With this implementation route, we were able to develop our understanding of the Standard and its requirements organically”, Kate Halls – Carve Consulting LLP


Download this case study now and discover:

  • How Carve benefited from the one-to-one guidance provided by their implementation coach;
  • How they overcame some of the most challenging elements of the project;
  • Important lessons about leadership and team engagement;
  • Why Carve was able to build the internal capacity to maintain its compliance post-certification;
  • How you, too, can optimise the use of the blended training, tools and consultancy contained in this package;

Find out how a ‘Get A Lot of Help’ consultancy project can work for you.


Download this case study now

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