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ISO 27001 risk assessment tool


Conduct smarter and faster information security risk assessments

Companies starting out with an information security programme often resort to spreadsheets when tackling risk assessments. Often, this is because they see them as a cost-effective tool to help them get the results they need. There are, however, a number of reasons spreadsheets aren’t the best way to go.

Excel was built for accountants, and despite being trusted by business professionals for more than 20 years, it wasn’t designed to deliver a risk assessment.

The risk assessment is complicated and multi-dimensional. Whatever tool you use, it needs to take into account many elements, such as assets, threats, vulnerabilities, controls, and the likelihood and impact values of risks. It also needs to be able to facilitate reports and analysis.


Introducing vsRisk™ from Vigilant Software

vsRisk is an information security risk assessment software tool created by industry-leading ISO 27001 experts. vsRisk saves 80% of the time spent on risk assessments and gives you auditable results year on year.


What is it?

Fully aligned with ISO 27001:2013, vsRisk is a desktop tool that allows you to conduct an information security risk assessment quickly and easily.

vsRisk comes in Standalone or Multi-user versions to help businesses of all sizes conduct an information security risk assessment with ease.


Why is it needed?

vsRisk helps you produce consistent, repeatable and reliable risk assessments that save time and money. vsRisk makes sure that businesses see results over time.


Key features and benefits

Easy to use

Your risk assessment procedure is as simple as choosing a few options and clicking a few buttons.


Aligned with ISO 27001

Meets the ISO 27001 requirements for consistent, valid and comparable results.


Can generate auditable reports

You can export reports, including a Statement of Applicability (SoA) and risk treatment plan (RTP), edit them and share them across the business and with auditors.


Geared for repeatability

It is easy to repeat your risk assessments in a consistent manner year after year (or whenever circumstances change).


Streamlined and accurate

Drastically reduces the chance of human error. It’s simple, fast and accurate.


Optional built-in toolkit

A set of policies and procedures for compliance with ISO 27001:2013.


vsRisk delivers consistent, robust and reliable risk assessments year on year.

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