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ISO27001:2013 is revolutionary, in that it has been designed to be easy for newcomers to implement, while being easy to convert from ISO27001:2005 to ISO27001:2013.

If you are new to ISO27001, then please visit our ISO27001 information page.

If you have already certified to ISO27001:2005 and are interested in transitioning to ISO2701:2013, then please visit our transitioning resources page. It is important to be aware that achieving accredited certification through a certification body will be subject to that certification body having transitioned to the new Standard (ISO27001:2013) and being accredited against its requirements.

View our full range of ISO27001 transition resources here »

Interested in career development?

Should you be interested in opting to achieve a qualification for personal career development, then following a learning pathway related to the new Standard will also place you one step ahead of your peers and give you the competitive edge you need.

Our team of world-renowned experts at IT Governance have been closely involved in formulating the Standard and advising the standards accreditation body on certification requirements. You are therefore assured that, with the support of our range of solutions and products, you will be able to progress in a smooth and controlled manner from your current certification process to the next phase of certification to ISO27001:2013.

Discover more about the latest ISO27001 training qualifications.

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