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Find out more about Cyber Resilience

So you understand the concept of Cyber Resilience and why it is important to your organisation. You now want to find out more. We have the resources to help you develop an effective cyber resilience strategy for your organisation.

7-step guide to developing an effective Cyber Resilience strategy

IT Governance has outlined a 7-step guide to the development of an effective cyber resilience strategy. Each step addresses a critical area of cyber resilience and our guide presents solutions helping you to meet each of these challenges.

The complete guide is available as a free pdf download.

Cyber Resilience 7 Step Guide

The 7 steps are:

  1. Secure the cyber perimeter
  2. Secure mobile devices beyond the perimeter
  3. Secure the inward- and outward-bound communication channels
  4. Secure the internal network
  5. Train your staff
  6. Develop and test a security incident response plan (SIRP)
  7. Adopt appropriate information and cyber security standards

Download the free 7 step guide now

Download our free green paper: 'Cyber Resilience - Cyber security & Business Continuity'

This free green paper establishes why organisations need to prepare for cyber resilience and how to go about this by combining cyber security and business continuity. The green paper discusses the international best practice standards ISO27001 and ISO22301, risk management and the UK government's 10 steps to cyber security. Download this green paper today and start your journey to a cyber resilient future.


Ready to put a Cyber Resilience strategy in place?

Cyber-Resilience can be achieved by developing a strategy based on internationally recognised best practice, building skills and competencies and leveraging industry leading expertise, tools and publications to drive implementation across the organisation. Visit our 'Put a Cyber Resilience strategy in place' page to see what solution is right for you.

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