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Wireless Reconnaissance in Penetration Testing

Wireless Reconnaissance in Penetration Testing

SKU: 4212
Authors: Alex Hamerstone, Chris Sanyk, Matthew Neely
Publishers: Syngress Media,U.S.
Format: Softcover
ISBN13: 9781597497312
ISBN10: 1597497312
Pages: 225
Published: 13 Dec 2012
Availability: In Stock
A guide to securing radio traffic against infiltration—buy today!
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A guide to wireless profiling when penetration testing!

This guide details how to undertake wireless (radio) profiling during a penetration test. Radio is one of the frequently forgotten mediums of information leakage. Whether it be two-way radios, wireless headsets, cordless phones, or other wireless devices, these are all mediums via which information can leak.

Wireless Reconnaissance in Penetration Testing describes the many ways that a penetration tester can gather and apply the information available from radio traffic. In order to stop attacks you need to think like an attacker. This book details all the methods employed by attackers to exploit radio signal information leakage. It also includes tips for reducing radio information leakage and actual case studies describing how information leaked can be used to attack computer systems. This book is the go-to resource for penetration testing and radio profiling.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Details the many methods used by attackers to gather information leaked via radio. By understanding the methods employed by attackers you can better defend your systems and network.
  • The information within the book is illustrated by actual case studies—making the information within more easily understood and practical.
  • The most up-to-date book on wireless reconnaissance during penetration tests—a must have for any serious penetration tester or ethical hacker.

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