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The ISMS Card Game

The ISMS Card Game

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Publishers: IT Governance Publishing
Format: Printed Deck of Cards
Pages: 60
Published: 24 Apr 2012
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The ISMS Card Game will inform individuals and teams of the key elements that make up an information security management system (ISMS) and teach them how to manage the critical issues that they may face when implementing it.

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The essential information security training aid

The ISMS Card Game is the first card game to be published in the new ITG Smart Card Series and has been designed by information security experts to be used as an information security training aid. The cards can be used either on an individual basis in a "flash card" revision style or within a training environment, where they can be used to play many different games.

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Here are a few examples of games that can be played:

Cards—2 to 10 = Terms and definitions

  1. Competition. The class is divided into teams to compete against each other. The trainer selects a card and asks alternate teams for the definition to the term. If the first team asked answers correctly, they receive 2 points; if they can’t answer but the other team gets it correct they get 1 point. Go through the pack and see which team ends up with the highest score.
  2. Discussion. The trainer can select a term and ask the class to identify ways to implement or improve the identified term.

High cards (Jack, Queen, King, Ace) = Top tips

  1. Discussion. The trainer or delegates can talk about their experiences in relation to the top tip, e.g. how it can be achieved, what factors can prevent it from happening, etc.
  2. Flipchart presentation. Identify which top tip can soften or eliminate any of the issues on the joker cards. This can be done on an individual basis or in groups.

Jokers = Portraying specific organizational information security issues

  1. Discussion. The delegates can highlight other similar challenges faced by them in their organization.
  2. Flipchart presentation. The group can identify various ways to address the issues presented on these cards.


These cards create awareness and generate a fun and exciting learning environment for training initiatives, enhancing individual’s knowledge and capabilities to deal with information security issues effectively.

 Card deck contents

 Each deck contains 60 cards with the four different suits representing the key elements of an ISMS.

1 top card and 1 instructional card
13 spades—The management system
13 hearts—The risk assessment
13 diamonds—CIA and control selection
13 clubs—Audit and certification
6 jokers

Within these suits, the numeric cards (2–10) contain definitions of key information security terms, and the high cards (ace high) contain top tips for dealing with information security issues. The jokers portray specific organizational information security issues.


The ISMS Card Game will prove invaluable to individuals revising for information security certifications, organizations implementing an ISMS (or, indeed, those that already have one in place) that need a training initiative for their employees, and training institutes requiring a training aid for information security courses.

An added benefit is that they can still be used as normal playing cards!


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