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Soft Skills Series

Soft Skills Series

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Authors: Sarah Cook and Naomi Karten
Publishers: ITGP
Format: Soft Skills Complete Series eBooks
Published: 03 Feb 2014
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Format: Soft Skills Complete Series Softcover
Published: 03 Feb 2014
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Enhance your Soft Skills and get the best from yourself and from your team

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Build your skills, develop your team

It takes more than just technical know-how to build a great team. You must learn to exploit soft skills such as communication, teamwork, coaching, time management, change management and presentation skills to transform your team from a collection of individuals into a tight, effective business unit.

Perfect for those seeking to develop their management skills from a technical background

Written specifically for technical professional moving into mangement, these books help you develop the key skills you need to prosper and excel in your new role.

Coaching for High Performance

Written to inspire IT managers with practical advice and tips on how to create a coaching environment in their department.
9781849280020 | £19.95 | Softcover | 2009 | 128pp

The Effective Manager

This book explains how you can develop the skills to become a first-rate manager.
9781905356881 | £19.95 | Softcover | 2009 | 114pp

Leading for Success

Develop your leadership skills and create a plan of action for realising your potential.
9781905356928 | £19.95 | Softcover | 2009 | 110pp

Changing how you Manage and Communicate Change

This book will enable you to recognise the way different people react to change, accept these differences, and even harness them for the benefit of the business.
9781905356942 | £19.95 | Softcover | 2009 | 180pp

Presentation Skills for Technical Professionals

By following the sound advice contained in this friendly book written especially for technical professionals, you can take the stress out of the process and make your presentations memorable — for the right reasons.
9781849280730 | £19.95 | Softcover | 2009 | 114pp

Building a High-Performance Team

This book provides IT managers with informative and practical advice and tips on how to create a high-performance team.
9781905356805 | £19.95 | Softcover | 2009 | 128pp

During February, take advantage of our special offer - buy any 2 of these soft skills books and get a 3rd book for free!

Use the drop-down menu above to get all 6 titles for £79.80.

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