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Mobile Device Security

Mobile Device Security

SKU: 3711
Authors: Stephen Fried
Publishers: Auerbach Publications
Format: Hardcover
ISBN13: 9781439820162
ISBN10: 1439820163
Pages: 302
Published: 16 Jun 2010
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A guide to mobile device security. This guide covers how to avoid the many potential backdoor threats that are posed by mobile devices.
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A guide to information security on mobile devices - by today!

A guide to securing your mobile devices against the many potential information security threats. Mobile devices, such as a BlackBerry, can pose a potential threat to your data as they store large amounts of data can be transported easily. They also side-step many of the controls in place to control confidentiality, availability and the integrity of data. This guide will help you address this hole.

The book begins by introducing and defining the concepts essential to understanding the security threats to contemporary mobile devices. It then takes you through all the policy, process and technology decisions that must be made to create an effective security strategy.

Highlighting the risks inherent when mobilising data, the text supplies a proven methodology for identifying, analysing, and evaluating these risks. It examines the various methods used to store and transport mobile data and illustrates how the security of that data changes as it moves from place to place. Addressing the technical, operational and compliance issues relevant to a comprehensive mobile security policy, the text:

  • Provides methods for modelling the interaction between mobile data and mobile devices - detailing the advantages and disadvantages of each
  • Explains how to use encryption and access controls to protect your data
  • Describes how to layer different technologies to create a resilient mobile data protection programme
  • Provides examples of effective mobile security policies and discusses the implications of different policy approaches
  • Highlights the essential elements of a mobile security business case and provides examples of the information such proposals should contain
  • Reviews the most common mobile device controls and discusses the options for implementing them in your mobile environment

This resource walks you through the process of creating an effective mobile security programme and provides the understanding required to develop a customised approach to securing your information.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • This guide will help you to evaluate the level of threat mobile devices represent to the security of your organisation and put in place adequate controls. Doing so will help you to ensure your data stays secure. 
  • Recommends security policies that can be deployed to provide adequate protection, showing you how each should be deployed and when. Saving you time and effort over creating your policies.
  • Discusses regulatory and compliance concerns - with the ever-increasing level of regulatory burden, avoiding these is critical. This book will help you to avoid any potential fines which are now becoming everly more associated with the punishment for data breaches.

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