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ITIL 2011 Service Operation

ITIL 2011 Service Operation

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Authors: Great Britain: Cabinet Office
Publishers: TSO
Format: Softcover
ISBN13: 9780113313075
ISBN10: 0113313071
Pages: 381
Published: 29 Jul 2011
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Format: Adobe eBook
Published: 25 Aug 2011
One of the core five ITIL® publications, providing authoritative and comprehensive guidance for ITSM professionals and those studying for the ITIL® Service Operation exam.
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The latest ITIL® service operation guidance

ITIL® provides guidance on the provision of quality IT services, and on the processes needed to support them. The aim of the service operation stage of the ITIL® service lifecycle is to coordinate and carry out the processes required to deliver and manage services to business users and customers, and to manage the technology used to deliver and support services.

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ITIL® 2011 Service Operation describes best practice for managing services in supported environments, and provides guidance which includes:

  • How to maintain stability in service operation
  • Process guidelines, methods and tools for reactive and proactive control perspectives
  • Knowledge to allow better decision-making relating to:
    • managing the availability of services
    • controlling demand
    • optimising capacity utilisation
    • scheduling of operations
    • avoiding or resolving service incidents and managing problems
  • New models and architectures such as:
    • shared services
    • utility computing
    • web services
    • mobile commerce to support service operation.

Other topics covered include event management, request fulfilment, problem management and access management processes, service desk functions, technical management functions, IT operations management functions, and application management functions.

Summary of updates

The concepts in ITIL® 2011 have been updated for clarity and consistency, without affecting the overall message, ensuring every stage of the service lifecycle remains focused on the business case, and relates to all the companion process elements that follow. ITIL® 2011 is fully aligned with MSP®, M_o_R®, PRINCE2® and P3O®.

  • Process flows have been updated or added for all processes including request fulfilment, access management and event management.
  • Key principles including guidance around service requests and request models, and proactive problem management have been clarified.
  • The publication has been updated to explain how basic events flow into filters and rule engines to produce meaningful event information.
  • The relationship between application management activities versus application development activities is also clarified.
  • Other clarifications include an expanded section on problem analysis techniques, procedure flow for incident matching and further guidance for escalating incidents to problem management.
  • In addition, the guidance for managing physical facilities has been expanded.

It is recommended that ITIL® 2011 Service Operation is used in conjunction with the other core ITIL® publications.

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List of figures
List of tables
1. Introduction
2. Service management as a practice
3. Service operation principles
4. Service operation processes
5. Common service operation activities
6. Organizing for service operation
7. Technology considerations
8. Implementation of service operation
9. Challenges, risks and critical success factors
Appendix A: Related Guidance
Appendix B: Communication in service operation
Appendix C: Kepner and Tregoe
Appendix D: Ishikawa diagrams
Appendix E: Considerations for facilities management
Appendix F: Physical access control
Appendix G: Risk assessment and management
Appendix H: Pareto analysis
Appendix I: Examples of inputs and outputs across the service cycle
References and further reading
Abbreviations and glossary

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You can also buy ITIL® 2011 Service Operation as an online subscription or as a multiuser licence.


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