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ISO29101 (ISO 29101) Privacy Architecture Framework

ISO29101 (ISO 29101) Privacy Architecture Framework

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Published: 16 Oct 2013
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ISO29101 (ISO 29101) Privacy Architecture Framework

ISO/IEC 29101:2013 codifies a privacy architecture framework for ICT systems that process personally identifiable information (PII). It additionally provides the associated controls for the framework.

The framework described in this standard:

  • Provides a consistent approach for the implementation of high-level privacy controls for systems that process PII
  • Delivers advice and guidance for planning, designing and building ICT system that protect the privacy of PII principals by controlling the processing, access and transfer of PII
  • Shows how technology can be utilised to enhance privacy controls.

ISO/IEC 29101:2013 builds on the framework detailed in ISO/IEC 29100 to help organisations define privacy safeguards related to PII processed by ICT systems.

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