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ISO27001 Mentor and Coach Consultancy

ISO27001 Mentor and Coach Consultancy

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Published: 01 Jan 0001

This offer is part of the "Get A Lot Of Help" ISO 27001 consultancy package. Available anywhere in the world via our exclusive online consultancy service, it provides dedicated expertise and specialist knowledge over five days of scheduled coaching and project review sessions with an expert ISO 27001 consultant, and it covers each key stage of the ISO 27001 implementation project.

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With the ISO 27001 Mentor and Coach consultancy service, you remain in control of your implementation project.

Product overview

As a pioneer in the field of ISO 27001 implementation, IT Governance has led hundreds of successful certification projects in companies of all types, industries, and sizes. With the world’s first remote ISO 27001 Mentor and Coach consultancy service, organizations worldwide can gain first-hand access to the extensive experience and knowledge of IT Governance’s consultancy team and apply this knowledge to their own ISO 27001 implementation project.

Our Mentor and Coach consultancy service offers unparalleled benefits unavailable elsewhere:

  • We help you set the project framework and timelines so that you can manage the execution of the deliverables according to your own requirements.
  • You will benefit from the personal leadership of, and knowledge transfer from, your implementation coach.
  • The costs of extensive consultancy work are significantly reduced.
  • The costs of travelling and other expenses are totally eliminated.
  • Appointments take place at flexible times and at a location convenient to you and your team.
  • There is no need to set aside a full day or book meeting rooms to host our consultants at your offices.
  • Frequent check-ins with your consultant are possible over a variety of channels, including online chats, telephone calls, live online coaching sessions, and file-sharing services (e.g. SharePoint).
  • Where needed, our consultants can arrange for additional support for your project, which will be billed separately. Costs and scope will be agreed upfront.

What you get

  • Regular mentoring and coaching sessions with a qualified ISO 27001 implementation expert.
  • A total of 5 days’ consultancy, usually delivered in 1–3 hour sessions. Sessions are conducted through a combination of online chat, telephone, and other remote communication methods.
  • Information and knowledge transfer covering each of the key phases of an information security management system (ISMS) implementation:
    • Setting up the project
      • Management framework
      • Context
      • Project leadership
      • Resources
      • Interested parties
      • Management system risk assessment
    • Risk assessment and treatment
      • Risk acceptance criteria
      • Legal, regulatory, and contractual requirements
      • Assessment methodology and approach
      • The risk treatment plan
      • The Statement of Applicability
      • The residual risk report
    • Selection of controls
      • Review and recommendations
    • Competence and documentation
      • Competence framework
      • Communication plans
      • Staff awareness and training
      • Document management process
    • Performance evaluation
      • Internal audit
      • Management review
      • Improvement
      • Preparation for certification
      • Review of certification readiness
      • Coaching of individuals likely to be involved in the audits
      • Help with selecting and appointing an accredited certification body


Who will benefit from this ISO 27001 Mentor and Coach consultancy service?

Organizations of up to 500 employees from any industry and situated anywhere in the world will benefit from this service.

This service will help organizations that have little or no management system expertise—but do have some initial understanding of information security management—to achieve their implementation goals quickly and efficiently.

Purchase the ISO 27001 Mentor and Coach consultancy service now and tap into the knowledge of our ISO 27001 experts.


If you would like to speak to one of our team to discuss your consultancy requirements, call us on 1 877 317 3454.

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