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ISO26000 (ISO 26000) Guidance on Social Responsibility

ISO26000 (ISO 26000) Guidance on Social Responsibility

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Published: 28 Oct 2010
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Guidance on social responsibility.

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Topics covered in ISO26000:2010 include:

  • Organisational governance
  • Human rights
  • Labour practices
  • The environment
  • Fair operating practices
  • Consumer issues
  • Community involvement and development.

Organisations are under increasing pressure to do business in a socially responsible way and are also becoming aware of the benefits in doing so. This Standard will help organisations achieve their goals whilst being socially responsible.

The guidance within the Standard mainly covers:

  • Concepts, terms and definitions related to social responsibility.
  • The background, trends and characteristics of social responsibility.
  • Principles and practices relating to social responsibility.
  • The core subjects and issues of social responsibility.
  • Integrating, implementing and promoting socially responsible behaviour throughout the organisation and, through its policies and practices, within its sphere of influence.
  • Identifying and engaging with stakeholders.
  • Communicating commitments, performance and other information related to social responsibility.

ISO26000:2010 is intended to assist organisations in contributing to sustainable development. It is intended to encourage them to go beyond legal compliance, recognizing that compliance with law is a fundamental duty of any organisation and an essential part of their social responsibility. It is intended to promote common understanding in the field of social responsibility, and to complement other instruments and initiatives for social responsibility, not to replace them.

In applying ISO26000:2010, it is advisable that an organisation take into consideration societal, environmental, legal, cultural, political and organisational diversity, as well as differences in economic conditions, while being consistent with international norms of behaviour.

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