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Implementing the IT Balanced Scorecard: Aligning IT with Corporate Strategy

Implementing the IT Balanced Scorecard - Aligning IT with Corporate Strategy

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Authors: Jessica Keyes
Publishers: Auerbach Publications
Format: Hardcover
ISBN13: 9780849326219
ISBN10: 0849326214
Pages: 528
Published: 28 Feb 2005
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Laying the groundwork for implementing the scorecard approach, and successfully integrating it with corporate strategy.

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Robert S Kaplan and David P Norton developed the balanced scorecard approach to performance management in the early 1990s to compensate for the shortcomings of using only financial metrics. Using the scorecard system, a company can organise its business goals into separate perspectives (financial, customer, internal business process, and learning and growth), determine cause-and-effect relationships, and list measures for each goal.

The goals of an IT balanced scorecard include the alignment of IT plans with business objectives, the establishment of measures of IT effectiveness, the directing of employee efforts toward IT objectives, the improved performance of technology, and the achievement of balanced results across stakeholder groups.

CIOs, CTOs, and other technical managers can achieve these goals by considering multiple perspectives, long- and short-term objectives, and how the IT scorecard is linked to other scorecards throughout their organisations.

Implementing the IT Balanced Scorecard: Aligning IT with Corporate Strategy lays the groundwork for implementing the scorecard approach and successfully integrating it with corporate strategy. This volume thoroughly explains the concept of the scorecard framework from both corporate and IT perspectives. It provides examples, case histories, and current research for critical issues such as performance measurement and management, continuous process improvement, benchmarking, metrics selection, and people management. The book also discusses how to integrate these issues with the four perspectives of the balanced scorecard.

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1. Why Balanced Scorecard?
2. Understanding Performance Management: Balanced Scorecard at the Corporate Level
3. Key Elements of a Balanced Scorecard Project
4. Aligning IT to Organizational Strategy
5. Aligning IT to Meet Financial Objectives
6. Aligning IT to Meet Customer Objectives
7. Aligning IT to Meet Business Process Objectives
8. Aligning IT to Promote Learning and Growth
9. Compliance, Awareness and Assurance
10. Scorecard and Other Performance Measurement Tools
Appendix A: IT Staff Competency Survey
Appendix B: US Airforce Software Metrics Capability Evaluation Guide
Appendix C: Traditional IT Metrics Reference
Appendix D: eBay Balanced Scorecard Analysis
Appendix E: Benchmarking Data Collection from a Software Engineering Requirements Elicitation Perspective
Appendix F: Behavioral Competencies
Appendix G: The Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award Program
Appendix H: Value Measurement Methodology
Appendix I: Balanced Scorecard Samples
Appendix J: Resources
Appendix K: The E-Business Audit
Appendix L: Establishing a Software Measurement Program
Appendix M: Process Assets by CMM Level: Focus on Process Improvement
Appendix N: Selected Performance Metrics

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