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Business Management Controls Toolkit (Download)

Business Management Controls Toolkit

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Authors: John Kyriazoglou
Publishers: IT Governance Publishing
Format: Microsoft Office suite
ISBN13: 9781849286213
Published: 18 Dec 2012
Availability: Download
This Business Management Controls Toolkit provides you with the performance measures and compliance indicators, the checklists and questionnaires, documents, plans, and policies.
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Understand how to control, protect, and improve your organization management systems.

Collectively, organizations run more than business management system to control different aspects of their business. How do we bring these all together in one business management system?

The Business Management Control toolkit is aimed at managers, auditors, and professionals who want to understand how the assets, transactions, operations, systems activities, and investments of their organization may be protected, controlled, and improved more effectively and more efficiently. This toolkit will demonstrate its unique design to structure and shape the business control practices in your organization.

This toolkit is compatible with Office 2016, 2013, 2010. If you use one of these Office versions on a MAC, or are using an older version of Office, please contact us.

Business Management Controls Toolkit: procedures and practices

  • Checklists and questionnaires:

    • Business Continuity Audit Review
    • Business Records Management Checklist
    • Compliance Controls Framework
    • Corporate Fraud Management Systems Audit Program
    • Corporate Policies and Procedures Checklist
    • Ethics Management Checklist
    • Financial Management Systems Checklist
    • Internal Audit Function Checklist
    • Soft Controls Evaluation Checklist
    • Strategic Management Process Questionnaire
    • Strategic Plan Checklist
    • Human Resources Questionnaire
    • PESTLE Template
    • SWOT Template
    • Strategic Alignment Checklist
    • Corporate Governance Internal Audit Program
    • IT Back-up Recovery Procedures
    • Organizational Controls Readiness Checklist
    • Red Flags Checklist
    • IT Controls Evaluation Audit Program
  • Documents:

    • IT Continuity Plan
    • IT Strategic Plan
    • Policy Documentation Examples
  • Job descriptions:

    • Advisory and Regulatory Third Parties
    • Cost Accountant
    • Financial Manager
    • Project Cost Accountant
    • Roles and Responsibilities—Compliance Committee Role
    • Roles and Responsibilities—Advisory and Support Duty Parties
    • Stakeholders
    • Treasury Manager
    • Social Media Governance Role
  • Management Plans:

    • Compliance Action Plan
    • Compliance Program
    • Corporate Rewards System Plan
    • Files, Documents, and Records Management Action Plan Purchasing Action Plan
    • Social Media Governance Management Plan
    • Soft Control Action Plan
  • Manuals:

    • Business Forms Manual
    • Business Management Controls System Manual
    • Corporate Policies and Procedures Manual
    • Corporate Staff Policies and Procedures Manual
    • Financial Policies and Procedures Manual
    • Production Operations Policies and Procedures Manual
  • Performance Frameworks:

    • Performance Framework—BSC: Balanced Scorecard Framework
    • Performance Framework—GRI: Global Reporting Initiative
    • Performance Framework—MAF: Management Accountability Framework
  • Performance Measures and Compliance Indicators:

    • Business and IT Continuity Management Performance Controls
    • Business Data Management Performance Controls
    • Business Intelligence and Corporate Espionage Performance Controls
    • Customer Sales and Production Management Performance Controls
    • Enterprise Governance Performance Measures and Compliance Indicators
    • Financial Management Performance Measures and Compliance Indicators
    • Human Factor Performance Controls
    • Internal Audit Performance Controls
    • IT Governance Performance Controls
    • Risk and Compliance Performance Measures and Compliance Indicators
    • Roles and Responsibilities of Participants Performance Controls
    • Strategic Management Performance Measures and Compliance Indicators
  • Policies:

    • Business Ethics Policy
    • Business Intelligence Policy
    • Business Management Controls for Laptops and Smart Devices
    • Customer Service Policy
    • Information Sensitive Policy
    • Information Technology Policy
    • Internet and Email Policy
    • IT Back-up and Restore Policy Example
    • IT Security Policy
    • Privacy of Information Policy
    • Quality Management Policy
  • Procedures:

    • Data Quality Improvement Procedure
    • Detailed Accounting Procedures
    • Purchasing Procedure

Download a copy of the FULL contents list here.

The ultimate companion to Business Management Controls: A Guide - enhance your business management controls and maximize the impact of this toolkit.

This book will help you to improve your business control practices and show you how to better create, implement, and assess your own controls. It will also show you how to develop more streamlined and successful working practices and how to enable, facilitate, and protect your business operations in a more effective way. This detailed and easy-to-read companion will put your organization and the Business Management Controls Toolkit hand-in-hand, leading you to a new modern way of business life.

About the author

John Kyriazoglou is an IT and management consultant with over 35 years’ experience of working around the world in a wide variety of organizations and economic sectors. Key roles have included IT Manager, Internal Audit Manager, and MD of a service company.

John has presented at over 25 international conferences and currently gives courses on IT auditing, security, and electronic crime prevention. He has written numerous articles for professional publications and is the author of IT Strategic and Operational Controls, also published by IT Governance.

John will add more articles and techniques about this subject in his blog

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