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An Introduction to PRINCE2: Managing and Directing Successful Projects - 2009 Edition (Softcover)

An Introduction to PRINCE2 - Managing and Directing Successful Projects - 2009 Edition

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Authors: Office of Government Commerce
Publishers: TSO
Format: Adobe eBook
ISBN13: 9780113312009
ISBN10: 0113312008
Published: 30 Sep 2009
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Format: Softcover
ISBN13: 9780113311880
ISBN10: 113311885
Pages: 115
Published: 29 Aug 2009
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A high-level introduction to the PRINCE2® project management methodology, covering both the Managing and Directing PRINCE2® publications.

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There are two core PRINCE2® 2009 books:

An Introduction to PRINCE2®: Managing and Directing Successful Projects, 2009 edition provides a high-level introduction to the updated PRINCE2® method, and covers both the Managing and Directing PRINCE2® publications.

An Introduction to PRINCE2®: Managing and Directing Successful Projects, 2009 edition:

  • Introduces the principles, processes and key themes of PRINCE2®.
  • Gives practical examples of applying the PRINCE2® method in practice.
  • Details the Project Board’s duties and expected behaviours.
  • Explains how to tailor PRINCE2® to the project environment.
  • Provides appendices for project descriptions, a glossary of terms, and further information.

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1. Introduction

1.1 Purpose of this guide

1.2 Where do projects fit in?

1.3 What is a project?

1.4 What is project management?

1.5 What is PRINCE2?

1.6 PRINCE2 in context

1.7 Structure of this guide

1.8 Related OGC guidance

2. The PRINCE2 principles

2.1 Continued business justification

2.2 Learn from experience

2.3 Defined roles and responsibilities

2.4 Manage by stages

2.5 Manage by exception

2.6 Focus on products

2.7 Tailor to suit the project environment

3. Themes

3.1 Business Case

3.2 Organization

3.3 Quality

3.4 Plans

3.5 Risk

3.6 Change

3.7 Progress

4. Processes

4.1 The PRINCE2 journey

4.2 Starting up a Project

4.3 Initiating a Project

4.4 Controlling a Stage/Managing Product Delivery

4.5 Managing a Stage Boundary

4.6 Closing a Project

5. Project Board duties and behaviours

5.1 The role of senior management in PRINCE2

5.2 Be accountable for the project

5.3 Provide unified direction

5.4 Delegate effectively

5.5 Facilitate cross-functional integration

5.6 Commit resources

5.7 Ensure effective decision making

5.8 Support the Project Manager

5.9 Ensure effective communication

6. Tailoring PRINCE2 to the project environment

6.1 Tailoring PRINCE2 for projects in a programme environment

6.2 Tailoring PRINCE2 according to project scale

Appendix A: Product Description outlines

A.1 Benefits Review Plan

A.2 Business Case

A.3 Checkpoint Report

A.8 End Project Report

A.9 End Stage Report

A.10 Exception Report

A.11 Highlight Report

A.13 Issue Report

A.15 Lessons Report

A.16 Plan

A.17 Product Description

A.19 Project Brief

A.20 Project Initiation Documentation

A.21 Project Product Description

A.26 Work Package

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