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Addendum to IT Strategic and Operational Controls

Addendum to IT Strategic and Operational Controls

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Publishers: IT Governance Publishing
Format: Download
ISBN13: 9781849280754
Pages: 114
Published: 02 Sep 2010
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The main aim of this volume is to provide additional audit programmes and checklists to complement and support the material (policies, plans, procedures, forms, etc.) contained in the main volume of IT Strategic & Operational Controls.
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Customisable IT Audit Programmes and Checklists

Simplify your audit work with these best practice programmes and checklists!

This volume has a comprehensive set of customisable IT audit programmes and checklists. They complement and support the material (policies, plans, procedures, forms, etc.) contained in the companion book IT Strategic Operational Controls.

These templates are immediately available as a download in Word format. Templates include checklists for auditing Corporate Management, IT Organisation, IT Strategy and IT Security, to name a few.

The full list of contents can be viewed here.

These checklists help users benefit quickly and easily from the extensive guidance contained in IT Strategic and Operational Controls, and users will benefit greatly in purchasing this addendum in addition to the book. They can also be purchased and used on their own.

IT auditors, IT managers, IT project managers, IS auditors, systems development and software support staff, security and risk professionals, and IT consultants will all find value in this product.

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About the author

John Kyriazoglou is an international management consultant with over 35 years’ on-the-job practical experience with both private and public sector organisations. He was educated in Canada and the U.S. (B.A. Honours, and M.S.), is a CICA (Certified Internal Controls Auditor), has published over 20 articles in professional publications, has served on numerous scientific committees, is a member of ISACA, the Institute for Internal Controls, Inc. (USA), and other professional and cultural associations, and provides courses in IT Auditing, Security and Electronic Crime Prevention.

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