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ISO27001:2013, PCI DSS v3 and CES v1.0: New standards in the global cyber war

Date: Thursday 8 May 2014

Venue: Churchill War Rooms, London


The Cyber Crime War is raging. Just because you can’t hear the sirens doesn’t mean you are safe!

IT Governance is holding an event to help you protect your organisation from data security vulnerabilities with ISO27001:2013 and PCI DSS Version 3.0, because hard-won business reputations cannot be rebuilt easily or cheaply!

The Data Security Vulnerabilities of modern society are multiplying, hugely expanding the “threat surface” – the scope for malefactors to steal secrets, do damage, distort decision-making or disrupt daily life.

Is your organisation in the process of either planning or implementing ISO27001:2013?

And are you ready for PCI DSS Version 3? At first sight, the format of Version 3 is pretty similar to Version 2, but don’t be deceived! PCI DSS V3 will bring PCI DSS closer to the ISO27001 standard. Are you ready to take a proactive approach to protect cardholder data that focuses on security, not compliance, and makes PCI DSS a ‘business-as-usual’ practice?

Compared with PCI DSS v2.0, the new format is certainly familiar, but there have been important additions that bring PCI DSS up to the level of the frameworks and controls recommended in standards such as information security standard, such as ISO27001.

Whilst the PCI DSS V3 standard brings guidance, the language is open to interpretation, and whilst the guidance is specific, if the intent of controls are not understood then the guidance can be misread and controls not addressed properly.

PCI DSS v3.0 without a doubt has got bigger, and will add to assessment times.

Download the agenda for the day here


  • Neira Jones (Keynote), Chairman of the Advisory Board, Ensygnia
  • Alan Calder, Founder and Executive Chairman, IT Governance Ltd
  • Steve Watkins, Director, IT Governance Ltd
  • Geraint Williams, Senior Consultant and PCI QSA, IT Governance Ltd
  • Richard Bach, Assistant Director - Cyber Security, Department for Business, Innovation and Skills
  • Bridget Kenyon, Head of Information Security, University College London
  • Sarb Sembhi, Chair of Government and Regulatory Advocacy Regional Subcommittee, ISACA
  • Mike Edwards, BSI Management Systems Tutor, BSI
  • Richard Bailey, Development Director, Boldon James
  • Nick Wilding, Head of Cyber Resilience, AXELOS
  • Barny Brummell, Sales Manager, Hitec Laboratories
  • Jane Cronin, UK Channel Development, Cryoserver

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Sarb SembhiIT Governance Cyber Warfare ConferenceIT Governance Cyber Warfare Conference
IT Governance Cyber Warfare ConferenceIT Governance Cyber Warfare ConferenceMark Edwards



Keynote speaker, Neira Jones discusses cyber security, PCI DSS & ISO 27001:

Presentation slides

These slides are from Geraint Williams' presentation on the PCI DSS v 3.0 standrad.

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Over 70% of respondents from the feedback form stated the event was ‘Excellent’ or ‘Very Good’.

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