Accelerate your IT service management project with these pre-written templates and tools, which enable every project owner to focus on executing and implementing their ISO 20000-compliant ITSMS.

This documentation toolkit will ensure that your documentation meets the requirements of ISO 20000:2011, whilst adopting ITIL best practices, giving you peace of mind and removing unnecessary stress and hassle from your project.

Benefits of using this toolkit:

  •   Pre-written templates developed by service management experts, Shirley Lacy and Jenny Dugmore
  •   Reduce the room for error when developing your own templates
  •   Complete coverage of ISO 20000 requirements, alleviating the angst that can accompany projects
  •   Cost-effective investment for the optimal route to service management implementation
  •   Keeping sight of ISO/IEC 20000:2011 requirements
  •   Streamlined and efficient processes for ease of project management, execution and audits
  •   Decrease work and stress so you don’t get delayed drafting documentation
  •   Guidance and templates on adopting ITIL best practices

The toolkit is really comprehensive and it gave us opportunity to better understand the scope and what is needed for implementation of ITIL processes
Reduce room for error
Drafted by experts and controlled by you
Save time and money
Provides complete coverage of ISO 20000:2011
Accredited by AXELOS
Comprehensive project resource
All the necessary tools for any ITSMS project