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Fighting cyber crime in the UK

With the cost of cyber crime in the UK estimated to be £18-£27 billion last year, UK businesses are under significant pressure to protect their data. In fact, 60% of small organisations that have been breached have closed down within six months.

Cyber threats are very real and can have a serious impact on organisations of all types and sizes. The Internet is beyond any agency’s control and, as such, security in cyberspace doesn’t exist.

Created by IT Governance, this infographic gathers the latest facts and figures on cyber crime in the UK, and offers suitable solutions to fight back.

Fighting cyber crime in the UK

Fighting cyber crime in the UK

Fighting cyber crime in the UK

Fight back with ISO27001

ISO27001 is the international information security management best-practice standard that will help you protect your information assets, comply with local requirements and thrive as you give your customers confidence that their information is protected.

Leverage our ISO27001 expertise 24/7 to protect your information assets anywhere in the world. Our four structured solutions enable any organisation to implement ISO27001 at a speed and budget that is appropriate for their individual needs and preferred project approach.

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The infographic is also available to view as a PDF.

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